Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 59: Baptism of RiyElder a, huge M & M's

Yesterday at church we had our baptism for Riya Masee. I was the person that baptized her. It was the best baptism that I've ever done. Everything went smoothly. After church everyone in the apartment were hungry. So I made french toast for some of us. It tasted just like home. Everyone was grateful to have some good food in their belly. In church we had a couple young people visiting from Utah, they said that they were here for humanitarian work. Church yesterday felt very strange. There was only 52 people in attendance. All six of us missionaries gave talks but we felt rushed because there was so little time. I was given the 2 minute warning before I even started my talk. Our BML forgot to tell the Branch Presidency about the baptism so Elder Chand made an agenda last minute. It just felt like a rushed Sabbath.

This past week we've been hit with some rain and thunder storms. There were some nights that we slept without power. I feel now that I'm one of the more "seasoned" missionaries in this mission (even though I've only been out 13 1/2 months). A lot of younger missionaries come to me for advice about literally anything. It's so refreshing because this is how I was at home too.

We had our zone conference last week and it was filled with 4 different training's and role plays. I hate  role plays but I know they help me be a better missionary. We had lunch provided by the mission home so we had spaghetti and rolls with ice cream and brownies for dessert.

We had a meeting for the new cycle of English class at the mission home. All the American missionaries and members in Delhi were invited. During the middle of the meeting one of the American moms pulled out a bag of steroid injected M&M's. They were literally 3x the size of a normal M&M's.  They don't sell M&ms in india except for at import stores. So they are basically the equivilant of finding diamonds. So it's safe to say that all of us Indian missionaries went nutz when we say them.

I bought new protein and a new G-shock watch last week. Other than that nothing new has happened. Time flies when your doing the Lords work. I love you ALL!!

Elder Dusara

Elder Chand, Riya Masee, Elder Dusara 
Branch Mission meeting

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