Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Week 71: Nisha making progress, a few elders finishing 2 years


We were finally able to meet with Nisha's sister and talk with her about the baptismal questions. Her name is Pinky and she was very understanding to the things that we had to see. Nisha said that she would still want to get baptized on September 4th, on her birthday. Unfortunately, Gaurev was unable to attend church. We also heard that one of our investigators named Vivick is going back to his village for 6 months.

The most spiritual experience that I had this week would have to be the testimonies of the outgoing missionaries. I haven't felt the spirit that strong in a long time. They had me on the verge of tears. There are 4 missionaries that will be leaving at the end of this transfer. All of them are Americans. (Elder Hagen From Salt Lake City, Utah) (Elder Gustin From Alabama) (Elder Chand From Las Vegas, Nevada) (Elder Mall From Beaverton, Oregon)

It's finally starting to cool off. Even though it's still 90 degrees outside. Last week I got sick from eating some under cooked chicken. So I had to stay in for one day. I took some Airborne and Tylenol and I was fine the next day.

Last Friday I also had to register for my second year in India. I waited in big room for 3 hours and when it was my turn we found out that we needed to provide more paper work.So i have to come back again maybe this week to get it figured out. No big plans for P-Day.

Honestly some days are pretty rough out here. Like when I was sick this past week. I felt completely hopeless and weak. Be grateful for your families that you have around you and never take them for granted.

Elder Dusara

Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 70: Learning Rubik's cube

Suh dude,

We are struggling to find English speaking investigators. Nisha is continuing to come to church every week. There are two hang ups at with her. She hasn't yet received an answer about the Book of Mormon. Number two is that she lives with her sister and she's hesitant to give her permission to get baptized. My English classes in Lajpot and in Pitampura were great. We had fun award ceremonies in both classes. I'm excited to be teaching in the next 10 week cycle.

This past week I was a part of two very powerful lessons. The first was with Elder Basil's investigator Pearl. They needed us their to have a third male present. The lesson was awesome. She speaks really good English and she has a great understanding of our teachings. The second lesson was a lesson that we had with our recent convert sister Bhavana. Elder Sigamani was our third male for that lesson. It was awesome to be able to teach simply as well as have her testify of the knowledge that she has.

So this past week Elder Basil taught me how to solve the Rubik's cube. So I guess that's one more thing that I can put on my resume. Today the gym was closed so we just did some ab ripper x in the apartment. All of us in the apartment went out to eat at a South Indian restaurant for lunch. Tonight for dinner one of our members invited all of us missionaries over for dinner. We are probably going to have chicken curry. The mother in this family is 9 months pregnant and she reminds me of a younger version of my mom (no offence mum). In return us missionaries are leading the family in Family Home Evening.

Tomorrow is zone conference with Randy D. Funk. I'm excited for more training and the best part is that lunch will be provided. SCORE!

Also it rains everyday at 3pm. I had to buy an umbrella last week.

Elder Dusara

Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 69: Nisha chooses baptism,

Hey ,

Last week we had Nisha tell us that she wanted to get baptized. That was a big answer to our prayers. Then a few days later she told us that her sister was mad about question number 4 on the baptismal interview questions. Then Nisha gave us a referral. Her name is Gori and she said that she last met with missionaries about 6 months ago. But due to her busy work schedule she was unable to be taught by them. We are going to try to do everything in our power to meet with her and to teach her. At Church I met a nice young couple visiting from BYU Idaho. There names are Tim and Julie. They are way cool. They said that they are planning on getting married in December at the Sacramento temple.

It's still super hot and continues to rain at the most random times of the day. Also I'm starting to get bit by a lot of mosquitoes. I guess they all must think I taste pretty sweet.

So one of the Elders in my old apartment found my key to my big suitcase. I was so happy when I received the news cause now I can enjoy my package from home. Also Elder Basil (The Australian) moved into my apartment last week. Him and I have heaps of fun.

The biggest news from me this week is that I bought 1kg of oatmeal last Friday and now it's already 1/3 of the way done.

Swag Out
Elder Dusara

Opening his bday box

A little dosa for lunch?

Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 68: Bhavana gets confirmed, 12th man at India Gate

This past week ended on a solid note. Bhavana was able to get confirmed yesterday. We had another great time at church. Nisha is continuing to come to church and to give us appointments about two times a week.

I also went on an exchange with Elder Chand and it was refreshing to be with him again. The exchange landed on my birthday, but we didn't do anything special. We only went to Carls Jr and then had 3 appointments set for the day. All of them went really well. One of their investigators is going to studying in Vancouver, Canada. His name is Ashish. He is way cool and has an amazing understanding of the Gospel.

On Friday I attended my first Indian wedding that was held in our Vasant Vihar Chapel. It was for our branch Presidents daughter.  I actually met the groom a year and a half ago at the Banglore mission reunion. He remembered me but I didn't remember him.

Funny story.
I also received an awesome birthday package from my family. There was two packs of beef jerky. I also had Sister Bolton from 2nd Branch bring me back 4 packs of beef jerky. So now I'm currently the biggest Beef Jerky dealer in all of India. But I accidentally locked the key to my suitcase in my suitcase this morning so I cant actually eat any of it.

Today some Elders and I posted up at India Gate. Go Hawks!

Elder Dusara

India Gate

12th Man at the India Gate