Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 68: Bhavana gets confirmed, 12th man at India Gate

This past week ended on a solid note. Bhavana was able to get confirmed yesterday. We had another great time at church. Nisha is continuing to come to church and to give us appointments about two times a week.

I also went on an exchange with Elder Chand and it was refreshing to be with him again. The exchange landed on my birthday, but we didn't do anything special. We only went to Carls Jr and then had 3 appointments set for the day. All of them went really well. One of their investigators is going to studying in Vancouver, Canada. His name is Ashish. He is way cool and has an amazing understanding of the Gospel.

On Friday I attended my first Indian wedding that was held in our Vasant Vihar Chapel. It was for our branch Presidents daughter.  I actually met the groom a year and a half ago at the Banglore mission reunion. He remembered me but I didn't remember him.

Funny story.
I also received an awesome birthday package from my family. There was two packs of beef jerky. I also had Sister Bolton from 2nd Branch bring me back 4 packs of beef jerky. So now I'm currently the biggest Beef Jerky dealer in all of India. But I accidentally locked the key to my suitcase in my suitcase this morning so I cant actually eat any of it.

Today some Elders and I posted up at India Gate. Go Hawks!

Elder Dusara

India Gate

12th Man at the India Gate