Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 3: First week in Atascadero California

 So I left the MTC and flew from Salt Lake to Phoenix and then from Phoenix to Santa Barbra. I was picked up my the mission president Felix and had a picnic near the beach that included Tri Tip. It was pretty delicious. I stayed in the mission home for my first night. In the morning I had eggs, bacon, and Belgium Waffles with Nutella on top.. YUUUUUUMMMM! Over breakfast I found out that David Archaleta had spoke and sang 1 day prior to me arriving in Ventura. I'm lowkey salty about missing meeting him by just one day. 

Anyway I was assigned my awesome Mission companion Elder Gibb. He's from Morgan, Utah and has been out in the field for about 7 months. He's a pretty good singer too. I don't even have to sing in Sacrament because his voice is so good and powerful. All I need to to do is mouth the word "Watermelon". 

This area reminds me a lot of good ole Snohomish. There's a lot of vineyards and open fields. Also there's an In-n-Out burger that's less than a mile away from my apartment. I'm anticipating gaining at least 10 pounds in this transfer because of that. 

Service is past week included helping do yard work at a local park. Then helping someone take the engine and transmission out of and old VW van. I guess you could say I'm a mechanic:) I also helped trim some rose petals and took out a huge stump from someones backyard. 8 hours of total service this past week with more to come I'm sure.

This past Friday we had a lesson at the McMahon household. They had a non-member family over because they were celebrating the wife's birthday. Her name is Emilia and for a year she actually lived in Snohomish and went to Elementary school at River View in the 3rd grade. She moved around a lot and she said that her favorite job was working at Snoqualmie Pass. When she said that I remembered that when I was sleeping on the drive down to Utah my dad had taken a picture of the pass just so I could have a picture of snow. I quickly pulled out my camera and showed her the picture. She was so happy to see the picture of her favorite workplace. She then showed her husband and her kids of the place that brought her so much happiness.  We then shared a lesson on Matthew 11:28-30 and it talks about how we all sin and have burdens on our shoulders. But we don't have to try to get rid of our burdens alone. We Jesus to turn to to help give us strength for repentance. After the lesson Elder Gibb and Sister McMahon sang "I Stand All Amazed". The following Sunday the kids of Emilia attended church and loved it. It's little miracles like this that make everything I do worth it.

Friends and Family please feel free to email me how you're doing and I'll get back to you the following Monday around 11 AM. That's my designated email time. If you would like to send me packages my address is 5425 Palma Apt C Atascadero California 93423. Thank you and I hope to hear from everyone soon.   

Elder Dusara w/Sis and Pres Felix in Ventura

Elder Dusara's District
Dinner with family

The fields in CA

MTC District

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Week 2: Hot Pockets, experiences from MTC

This is not a typical update but elder Dusara sent this message to us this morning.  As good as he can recap the past 11 days at the MTC, here it is.

I've never been around so many Mormons. I didn't know what to expect out of this place. It's like efy on steroids. I've never retained so much knowledge and chocolate milk in my entire life. The food was good for the first 2 days then it all started to taste like rubber. I have stooped as low as eating two hot pockets to try to stay alive.  Afterwards, I immediately regretted my decision. Jim Gaffigan wouldn't be proud of me. 

I'll be honest this first 11 days has been tough. I miss everything from home. My family, friends, and my car. But when I step back to review my situation it's no different than anyone else here. As a missionary we must endure to the end. I believe that in order to do so we have to make sacrifices in each and everyone of our lives. Alma 32:15 talks about how I'd we endure then we will be blessed. I truly believe this scriptures because I've seen blessings in my life already with big able to understand so much of the teachings.  

While waiting for his visa to New Delhi, Elder Dusara will be spending the next 30-60 days in the California Ventura Mission (located within Pasa Robles and Thousand Oaks area and includes Santa Barbara).  He is excited to be someplace warm, playing golf on P-days, and eating In-n-Out Burger.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Week 1: In the MTC this week...and so it begins

We dropped Ajay off on Wed this week and he was able to email us today.  Here is a piece of what he sent us today:

Hey Dad,

So first off while I'm in the MTC my emailing day will be on Friday. I can only email direct family so that kinda sucks because I told all my friends that I would be able to email on Monday...

The first day was long and tough. I haven't asked yet but I'm pretty sure no one in my room has ever listened to Drake before in their lives. My three other roommates keep on quoting some movie called Monti Python or something like that. I've never seen it before so im "that kid" that doesn't understand the joke. The second day was a little bit better. I was finally able to go to the gym and lift weights and shoot hoops. 

I was amazed that the MTC provided Evolution basketballs. Having gym time just made my day a lot easier. There'
s a missionary in the room next to me that's from Bonny Lake Washington so him and I have become friends. Also everyone in my district is going to Manchester, New Hampshire with Ipads. Then I'm the only one going to New Delhi, India. But I'm excited to see where I get re-assigned first. 

With mum n dad

The room


The map

Day 1 arriving at the MTC