Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Week 2: Hot Pockets, experiences from MTC

This is not a typical update but elder Dusara sent this message to us this morning.  As good as he can recap the past 11 days at the MTC, here it is.

I've never been around so many Mormons. I didn't know what to expect out of this place. It's like efy on steroids. I've never retained so much knowledge and chocolate milk in my entire life. The food was good for the first 2 days then it all started to taste like rubber. I have stooped as low as eating two hot pockets to try to stay alive.  Afterwards, I immediately regretted my decision. Jim Gaffigan wouldn't be proud of me. 

I'll be honest this first 11 days has been tough. I miss everything from home. My family, friends, and my car. But when I step back to review my situation it's no different than anyone else here. As a missionary we must endure to the end. I believe that in order to do so we have to make sacrifices in each and everyone of our lives. Alma 32:15 talks about how I'd we endure then we will be blessed. I truly believe this scriptures because I've seen blessings in my life already with big able to understand so much of the teachings.  

While waiting for his visa to New Delhi, Elder Dusara will be spending the next 30-60 days in the California Ventura Mission (located within Pasa Robles and Thousand Oaks area and includes Santa Barbara).  He is excited to be someplace warm, playing golf on P-days, and eating In-n-Out Burger.