Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Friday, April 10, 2015

Week 1: In the MTC this week...and so it begins

We dropped Ajay off on Wed this week and he was able to email us today.  Here is a piece of what he sent us today:

Hey Dad,

So first off while I'm in the MTC my emailing day will be on Friday. I can only email direct family so that kinda sucks because I told all my friends that I would be able to email on Monday...

The first day was long and tough. I haven't asked yet but I'm pretty sure no one in my room has ever listened to Drake before in their lives. My three other roommates keep on quoting some movie called Monti Python or something like that. I've never seen it before so im "that kid" that doesn't understand the joke. The second day was a little bit better. I was finally able to go to the gym and lift weights and shoot hoops. 

I was amazed that the MTC provided Evolution basketballs. Having gym time just made my day a lot easier. There'
s a missionary in the room next to me that's from Bonny Lake Washington so him and I have become friends. Also everyone in my district is going to Manchester, New Hampshire with Ipads. Then I'm the only one going to New Delhi, India. But I'm excited to see where I get re-assigned first. 

With mum n dad

The room


The map

Day 1 arriving at the MTC