Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week 80: Meeting Udith on the court, Diwali in Delhi

Dear Family and Friends

Yesterday we had the opportunity to watch the Primary Program. Those Primary songs will always have a special place in my heart and bring back memories of being in Primary. Yesterday when Elder Mani and I were looking for a sports complex that was open. A stranger came up to us and asked if we were school students. We told him about how we are missionaries and we didn't even have to bring up the fact that we teach English class. His name is Udith and he is not Hindu and he believes that there is a higher power, but he just doesn't know what that higher power is. He invited us to come back next Sunday to play basketball with him so we could play and talk more. We told him that we would meet up this week. He speaks perfect English which is a huge blessing. Elder Mani and I are both very excited to meet back with him and to discuss The Restoration pamphlet.

Last week all eight of us missionaries went to the Massey's home for dinner and birthday cake. I had some pretty amazing Shai Paneer. I would highly recomend it if you want to try indian food.

This week is transfers and we will find out tomorrow night if we are being transferred or not. I'm content with where ever my Heavenly Father wants me to go. Also this Sunday is Dilwali. It's a HUGE Hindu holiday out here. It can be compared to the same hype that we have for Christmas in the United States. So on Sunday night all missionaries will have to be in our apartments by 6PM.

Elder Dusara

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 79: Finding new less active families is a blessing


This past week was much better than last. My family arrived safely in Australia. We were FINALLY able to find a new investigator. But we already have to drop him because he's a Muslim. There is a rule stating that we shouldn't teach him just for the safety of us and him from his family. But we also were able to find new new less-active families in our area. This week we are bringing Ankush (YSA member) with us to find two more homes. This was a big blessing to my companion and I. It feels amazing to know that we are finding our Heavenly Fathers lost sheep.

Last week we also had our zone meeting where we were able to receive training on how we can become better missionaries. Also next Monday we have a sports activity with our zone. Count on me playing basketball and soccer the entire time.

New Delhi is very close to become a stake. I think the papers will be submitted by the end of this year.

I love you all
Go Seahawks

Elder Dusara
New Delhi zone

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week 78: A change in attitude...


This past week was hands down the WORST week for me numbers wise. Today we are going through our area book to see if we can start teaching some old investigators again. Also one of my goals this week is to change my attitude . So far its working. I'm handling the stresses of being a missionary much better. My thoughts aren't on me. I'm constantly looking for ways to help people around me. I think that watching all the conference sessions made me have a change of heart.

Tomorrow is our Zone Meeting. Afterwards. Elder and Sister Hubbard offered to make an Indian dish with paneer for the entire zone. Also tomorrow all missionaries need to be at their apartments by 6PM because its and Inidan Holiday called Dussehra (Its pronounced the same way as my last name)

Things could be a lot worse for me right now. I could be sick or having family struggles at home. I'm thankful for the life and family that I have and I'm excited to see them all in 6 months. I've still got more work to do while I'm here. Thank you for all the support that you give me.

Elder Dusara

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Week 77: Trip to the zoo


Wait! Stop! You're probably wondering why I'm sending you this email today and not yesterday right? The computer that I had yesterday wasn't working and there was no more systems available. Plus directly after emailing the district had a dinner appointment at the Massey familys' home.

 This transfer I've felt that my mission has slowed down a lot. This past week Elder Mani and I tried to go finding in the morning at some local parks or populated areas. We had our sprinkle of success. Looking back on the week I feel like it blew by. I want that feeling for the rest of my mission. I'm going to try to do a better job of making my mornings more effective. We are still struggling to find new investigators. Maybe our luck will change this week.

Yesterday for P-day we went to the zoo as a district. I LOVE big animals. It was way cool to see a Bengal Tiger as well as a White Tiger.

This week I've learned that everyone has problems. There is not a single person on this planet that doesn't have problems. We can all help one another in listening to each other's problems and doing everything we can to help. We ALL could use someone to listen to us.

Elder Dusara