Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 63: New calling to be a trainer, new apartment in Pitampura

This is a shorter letter from Elder Dusara. He has been transferred to a new area called Pitampura and has been given the responsibility to train a brand new missionary from Chennai India. Elder Mani is his name. 

Dear Fam and Friends,

So my area is a bit challenging for Elder Mani and I. We know where two families live and that's about it. Tomorrow night we are planning on taking a member with us on an exchange to show us a few more families. Once we know where our members live then it will be a bit easier to visit our members. 

Elder Mani is doing well. I've been sick the past 3 days and I've been stuck in the apartment for most of the day. But I made sure that we did our studies along with 12 week. He really wants to learn and improve his English, I always give him time to do language studies as well. 

Also it's a bit of a squeeze to have 3 companionship's in Pitampura. The room that I'm staying in is very small and it has next to zero natural light. The shower in that bathroom doesn't work. So as a result there's 6 elders sharing 2 showers. It takes my eyes about 1 hour just to adjust to the light when i go outside because it's so dark in my room. Sometimes it feels like my room is a prison cell. 

Elder Dusara

Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 62: Go LeBron, Go Cavs

This past week has been very busy for Elder Chand and I. We started teaching one of our students from our English class. He's been attending our English class for about 6 weeks now. He' an awesome student and individual. We met with him last Wednesday in a members home and it was awesome! He accepted to be baptized and we are planning on meeting with him again this week. We are still continuing to teach Peter and Modi. We need to re-set them with a baptismal date this week. Our teaching pool is slowly growing and progressing.

Elder Chand is doing good. His health is a lot better this week. Him and I are so stoked that we've gained two new investigators this past week. We feel like they are an answer to our prayers. Also we found out that all of our Americans from the Philippines are coming back and we will never have to send any Americans to the Philippines ever again.

I promised the Dwarka district that if the Cleveland Cavaliers win the finals that I would buy them all lunch at Carls Jr. I just found out from my dad that they won. Looks like my wallet is going to be empty this week.

I'm doing good. I'm in a great mood with finding ways to serve and teach others. I'm no longer scared to share our beliefs. I'm ready to serve in an other ways that I can. This week is transfers. Lot of missionaris think that I'll be transfered and be an AP. But I don't think that will happen.

Elder Dusara

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Week 61: Teaching English class, new people to teach, visit to Qutb Minar

Hi Everyone,

Elder Chand and I were once again very busy with conducting exchanges and going to meetings and what not. Our weekly numbers may not of looked too great. But there was one new investigator that we found yesterday. Actually he was brought to church by a member and found us. His name is Karan and he's 20 years old and awesome. We invited him to be baptized and he accepted for July 10th. It felt amazing to hear him say yes!

The past 2 months the Talwars were being taught by Elder and Sister Allen. They informed us this past week that they finally accepted a baptismal date for July 3rd. This was more amazing news because they have been coming to church for the past 8 months. Riya missed her confirmation again.

Teaching English class was good this past week. We have to travel an hour by metro to get to one of our classes. It's kinda weird teaching English because I've always thought that English was my weakest subject in school, but now I'm the teacher. The students are all awesome. My class size varies from 9-23 students.

Yesterday in church the teacher asked me what greatness is and I looked upi and said LeBron James. #TeamLebron I got a good laugh from the class. I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures. Today I'm going to a place called Qutb Minar with 6 other missionaries. I'll take lots of pictures to send home. This is what the place looks like. Go Cavs!

Elder Dusara

In an email I asked Ajay what he does to strengthen his testimony each day and this was his response: I've found that daily scripture reading and praying help. But something that helps a little bit more is looking for ways to serve the other missionaries in my apartment. It can be as simple as talking and sharing laughs. Or like I did last week after church, I made french toast for everyone. I try my best to get along with a lot of the missionaries (especially the new foreigners)

Qutb Minar,[1][2] at 120 meters, is the tallest brick minaret in the world. Qutb Minar, along with the ancient and medieval monuments surrounding it, form the Qutb Complex, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.[2][3][3] The tower is located in the Mehrauli area of Delhi, India.The Minaret of Jam a UNESCO World Heritage Site in western Afghanistan is thought to have been a direct inspiration for the Qutb Minar in Delhi, which was also built by the Ghurid Dynasty. Made of red sandstone and marble,

Elders Dusara and Basil 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 60: Exchanges with other missionaries, teaching English class, dabbing at lunch

This past week Elder Chand and I have been very busy with conducting two exchanges as well as traveling to Pitumpura to conduct two baptismal interviews. It was tough to not be in our area as much as we wanted. Riya was unable to come to church for her confirmation.

Elder Chand has been feeling sick the past couple days. I think my health is struggling as well. Both of us have lost our appetite. We are going to buy a lot of fruit juices to help build back up our immune system. This New Delhi heat is starting to hit us both pretty hard.

I found out that I'll be teaching English class in my branch as well as another branch in Delhi. This should be pretty interesting because I have no idea how to teach people proper American English. I'm excited to find out if maybe my calling in life is to be an English teacher.

Funny Story:
After District meeting last week we all went out to eat at BBQ Nation, which is a buffet of American and Indian food. I ate too much food to the point where I almost threw up. I went to the bathroom and when I was gone Elder Vadloori told the servers that it was my birthday so we all scored some free cake. Here's a pci of Elder Chand I Dabbing

One of the newest missionaries in the mission (Elder Basil). He's from Melborne Australia. He said he was feeling a little home sick so I treated him to his mother food (Taco Bell)

I made French toast again yesterday... I love you all. Stay Frosty!

Elder Dusara

Cows on the streets

Ekders Basil and Dusara

French toast for the missionaries

Lunch with the missionaries

Birthday cake a month early