Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Week 71: Nisha making progress, a few elders finishing 2 years


We were finally able to meet with Nisha's sister and talk with her about the baptismal questions. Her name is Pinky and she was very understanding to the things that we had to see. Nisha said that she would still want to get baptized on September 4th, on her birthday. Unfortunately, Gaurev was unable to attend church. We also heard that one of our investigators named Vivick is going back to his village for 6 months.

The most spiritual experience that I had this week would have to be the testimonies of the outgoing missionaries. I haven't felt the spirit that strong in a long time. They had me on the verge of tears. There are 4 missionaries that will be leaving at the end of this transfer. All of them are Americans. (Elder Hagen From Salt Lake City, Utah) (Elder Gustin From Alabama) (Elder Chand From Las Vegas, Nevada) (Elder Mall From Beaverton, Oregon)

It's finally starting to cool off. Even though it's still 90 degrees outside. Last week I got sick from eating some under cooked chicken. So I had to stay in for one day. I took some Airborne and Tylenol and I was fine the next day.

Last Friday I also had to register for my second year in India. I waited in big room for 3 hours and when it was my turn we found out that we needed to provide more paper work.So i have to come back again maybe this week to get it figured out. No big plans for P-Day.

Honestly some days are pretty rough out here. Like when I was sick this past week. I felt completely hopeless and weak. Be grateful for your families that you have around you and never take them for granted.

Elder Dusara