Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 55: Companion getting hurt on the treadmill, Successful Sunday


There hasn't been much that have changed this past week. We had to push Riya's baptismal date to the 15th. We had a great turnout in church at around 91. There was an american man that was here in India for work and he looked up where the nearest LDS church was to his hotel and little did he know that our church in Dwarka was literally next door to the hotel that he was staying in. English class was awesome as well. We had 18 students in class. We had about 7 new students.

During sacrament meeting one of the sisters in the branch convinced me to go bare my testimony. In my testimony I said that before my mission I had the scriptural knowledge of a sunbeam. The congregation got a good laugh from that. Yesterday i had to give 5 baptismal interviews in the dark because the home didn't have any electricity.

Elder Chand and I are continuing to have our companionship grow more and more everyday. I can definitely see us catching a couple of monster shakes from Red Robin and reminiscing on old times. He also has told me that his younger brother was recently baptized and is preparing for a mission.


Elder Chand was running on the treadmill and was looking around to find me. When he turned his head, he moved his feet and slipped and fell. There was an old Indian lady yelling "PUSH THE STOP BUTTON, PUSH THE STOP BUTTON". Elder Chand scraped up his leg and I had to wipe his scrapes with rubbing alcohol. I've never heard him yell so loud in my life. When people ask me what happened to his leg I tell them that he was trying to check me out while running on the treadmill and he fell.

Also happy 29th birthday Mama! I cant wait to skype home next week.

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