Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 56: Mother's Day message

It was great to Skype wih Elder Dusara on Mother's Day.  We had some connectivity issues at first but he was able to get things figured out. He is doing great and is enjoying the work. He gets along very well with Elder Chand as you can read from his emails.  We learned that he is even learning a little Hindi so that he can communicate with the "auto" drivers in Delhi.  


The missisonaries sang a song with the young women because there aren't a lot of active young men in the branch. It felt like I jumped into a time machine and was singing in Primary all over again. English Class we had less people in attendance but we had a few new members in class. This next week we are planning to have an ice cream party with the students. After church there was two baptisms for the other companionship. After that the Branch make sweets and samosas. I thought  member bought McDonalds because that's what it smelled like.

This week we picked up three new investigators. Two of them have been coming to church for a few months now. The only problem is that their English level is a 1/10. We put them on date for June 19th. We had to push Riya's date back again. It's tough to meet with her because she doesn't have a phone. So we almost blindly come to her house in the evening with the hope that she is there. We spoke with the Allens about the Talwars and they said that they plan on being baptized towards the end of this month.

Elder Chand is doing great. We both got to meet each others family this morning. We found out that his grandfather actually knew my grandfather back in Fiji.

I'm doing well. It was refreshing to see my family this morning. I had them all meet my roommates. seeing them didn't make me very homesick. I felt fine because I know I have more work here to do. I sent my mom something special for mothers day and I hope she likes it.

Elder Dusara

This morning I saw a monkey on the way to the gym. Some girls were telling me to put my camera away they said the monkey would jump down and steal it. Here's a picture of some of the members that stayed after for the baptism. I'm giving Elder Vodloori a piggy back ride

Steph Curry fan

Small homes for less fortunate downtown
Dwarka branch after baptism

Local monkey - camera thief