Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 20: Last day in Camarillo - Off to India via Abu Dhabi

Elder Dusara's itinerary came today and he flies to India via Abu Dhabi tomorrow.  He's excited to be heading to India finally, but naturally quite scared as well.

I finally was able to come back to the Camarillo area after being in Newbury Park for 6 days. I missed the perfect weather that Camarillo has to offer. It was great to be back to the familiar faces of my room mates and the ward members.

My companions are great. Elder Bradley is coming along well. He just finished up training this week. He's known as the chef of our apartment. He can cook and eat just about anything. I haven't seen anyone eat as much as him since my brother Sanjeev. Elder Snyder is doing great. I feel like this past week we were all able to get along well with on another and to enjoy our last week together.

I was told by my bishop that I wouldn't be able to serve out of the country because I didn't complete all 4 years of seminary. But the fact that I have my visa and my travel plans are already figured out just proves to me that our heavenly father has a sense of humor and that he knows exactly where we need to be in order to teach others about the restored gospel. I've loved being in California this past 4 months and I plan on visiting in 2 years. I know that India will be a very different experience for me and humbling as well. Those who know me know that I could use a little humbling in my life. I'm honestly so scared and so nervous for what awaits me in India. But I know my Heavenly Father has a plan for me and that if I do what I'm supposed to that I'll be blessed for doing so.

For service this past week we helped an investigator take pictures of some old medical equipment that he is trying to sell online.

Elder Dusara with Jason Holker (old neighbor)