Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Friday, August 28, 2015

Week 20: Elder Dusara arrives in India

On Wed at 3am, Elder Dusara arrived in New Delhi.  His flight went from LAX to Abu Dhabi then onto New Delhi. On Wed night we received a call from President Hodges and were able to speak to Elder Dusara.  He sounded tired, but had a good flight and is happy to be in India. The good news is that he was granted a 2 year visa so he can stay in India the remaining 20 months of his mission.

This letter came from the mission office this morning:

Your son, Elder Ajay Amrat Dusara, has arrived safely to the India New Delhi Mission, and he is already hard at work with an excellent trainer, Elder Roberts, as his companion. Elder Dusara is happy and well and is anxious to assist in the work in his assignment working with the Delhi 4th Branch.

It is evident that you have a wonderful family, and he speaks about you with love and devotion. He will appreciate your weekly letters to him, supporting and strengthening him throughout his mission. Receiving letters from family brings joy and encouragement to every missionary. He will be corresponding with you weekly on his preparation day.
Thank you for sending such a devoted young man to join our missionaries here in New Delhi. The next two years will be life-changing for your son, and we love him already.

Kirt L. Hodges

Mission President

The next letter we get will be an email we receive this Sunday. Thank you for your love and prayers on behalf of Elder Dusara.

The Dusara family