Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 19: An quick transfer and then get ready for INDIA

As many of you, Elder Dusara got his visa approved to India this past week.  He will be leaving for New Delhi on Aug 25th.  He was fortunate enough to get a 24 month visa, which is very unusual and an answer to many prayers.  He will get to finish the remaining 19 months of his mission within New Delhi.  He is blessed to have had his past four months in California, but very excited to get to India.

I got emergency transferred to the Canejo Canyon ward in Newbury Park last Wednesday. I'll be going back to Camarillo tomorrow to finish out the transfer. This area is a bit warmer than Camarillo. But I'm sure this is all preparation for India. This was is great. There was a lot of members that came up to me during church to introduce themselves to me and to welcome me to the ward. A family that I really connected with was the Warne family. The dad is really funny and when he laughs he reminds me of Chris Farley. The son and I had a lot in common. Him and I are really big into sports.

My companion is Elder Morwood. He's from Beaver, Utah and he loves doing service for others. He has about 3 months left on his mission. He's been a great companion to have this past week. The lessons that we taught we were able to do so in great unity.

Yesterday we had a lesson with the De Ryder family with the Primary President present. They have a daughter in the MTC and they drove out to the Provo temple so they could get sealed together before she leaves to Cambodia. The lesson we taught was on strengthening the family. I bore my testimony on how important it is to stay for the full 3 hours of church. After the lesson when we were walking back to our cars the Primary President told me how impressed she was of me for baring testimony of staying at church for the full 3 hours. She then told me that this family has a history of coming just for sacrament and then leaving. I had no idea what this families church attendance was. I guess you could say that I was lead by the spirit.

For service we helped an older couple in the ward do weeding. Then we helped a less active family move to there new house. We had a ton of help from the ward which was great cause we really needs all the muscles that we could find.

Here's a picture that I was able to take with the amazing Warne family. Plus we didn't have a dinner last night and they were kind enough to have us over to great dinner and message.

Elder Dusara out

A birthday clock for his wrist

Beautiful sunset

Warne family