Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 18: A new elder joins the companionship - riding bikes again

So my area has just changed a little bit. I'm no longer covering the 3rd ward in Camarillo. I'm now covering the 1st and 2nd ward. So our area just about doubled in size. I'm excited to get to know the 1st ward more. We received a warm welcome by the ward members as well as the members from the Bishopbric. 

Elder Snyder and I also revived a new companion. His name is Elder Bradley and he's a 6ft 5in Canadian from Ontario. He's a big teddy bear. I have lost my shotgun seat in the car since he arrived. He also moved in with us so we have 5 elders in one apartment. It's going to be like this for a couple weeks and we will see how this goes after transfers on the 25th. I also rode a bike for the day on Monday and I hated it at first but then I grew to enjoy it. After I finished my 200 mile bike ride in scouts I told myself I'd never ride a bike unless it was powered by an engine ever again.

My companions are great! It's nice to have two of them because it allows us to have our different teaching styles mold together. This change happened only about 3 days ago and it's pretty entertaining. Plus during companionship studies we get to have little mini discussions about the things we studied.

These past few weeks we have been working with the Gomez family who live in the 3rd ward. The progress that the family has made together is amazing. They are reading their scriptures together, saying prayers together, and attending church together. The husband is a less active member and the rest of the family aren't members. They have 3 girls. (9,11,13). All three of them LOVE reading the scriptures and hearing more about our church. Unfortunately I'll be no longer teaching this family but I will be praying for the day that they make the decision to be baptized.

For service this week we helped a less active member organize her backyard and she gave us sunflower butter. It looks like peanut butter but tastes way better.

Los Angeles Temple

Christus at the LA temple