Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 73: Progress with Nisha, visit from and ex-pat

Helloo... it's me,

My family is doing well. They had the opportunity to visit Elder Chands family in Las Vegas this past week.

On Sunday Nisha was able to have her interview for her baptism next week. She requested that I baptize her. Elder Mani and I are very excited for her. Unfortunately we had to drop Gaurev because his family has some pretty strong feelings against Christians. After Church Sister Kartika (Branch Presidents wife) made us Elders some Nutella sandwiches.

This Tuesday we have our zone meeting and I'm excited to see everyone and get food after. Last night our landlord invited us downstairs for brownies (it was chocolate cake) and ice cream. He's such a nice guy. I also founf out that I put on about 3 pounds last month.

 In church we had Brother Tovey (Ex-Pat) visiting our branch. He bore an awesome testimony of how many people in India believe that ALL American families are strong in the Gospel. But He shared with us that 3/4 kids are in-active. His advice that he gave to the congregation was to love and pray for those to come back. That's all that we can do. His testimony really hit home for me. We will all know a friend or family member that chooses not to believe the church's' teachings anymore.

Elder Dusara

Teaching English class

New Delhi streets

The dump