Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 49: Happy Holi, Two baptisms this week. Attendance is up at church.

This past week we had a very successful and stressful week in Dwarka. We were dealing with logistics when we could have had two of our investigators interviewed for baptism and one of them could even be baptized into Dwarka. But now everything is figured out. We have the baptismal interviews set for this Wednesday. This past Sunday we had 103 people in sacrament meting. No, that's not a spelling error. I was very impressed and so were the members as well. We had another decent turn out at English class as well.

Elder Mungamuri is doing well. Him and I are both hopeful that Priyanka and Meghna pass their interviews and continue to abstain from drinking tea so they can be baptized this Sunday. Elder Mungamuri and I want to baptize together before one of us get transferred.

This past week we had to power through the lessons with Priyanka and Meghna on Saturday night. There's no way that we would've been able to do it if they didn't speak English as well as they do. Our Heavenly Father has blessed Elder Mungamuri and I with these great investigators. Ever since they started coming to church the Singh family has been coming and been more active as well. It is our hope that as Priyanka and Meghna are baptized that they with help activate the Singh family. Plus this Sunday Dinesh is also getting baptized and we have the same hope that it will help his family be more active in the gospel.

This past Saturday I went on an exchange with Elder Mall. We were able to teach an investigator named Sanjay. He was scheduled to get baptized yesterday. Then we went finding with the sisters to show Elder Mall some in-active families.

Funny Story

The holiday called Holi is coming up this week. It's the holiday where everyone throws colors on each other and sprays each other with water. While walking home from church yesterday some kids with water guns sprayed me and said "Happy early Holi". I wasn't even mad at them because it was hot out so they were doing me a big favor. Also this past Saturday when I was waking to church a bird pooped on my back... :)

Happy Holi,
Elder Dusara
Streets of Delhi

New friends in Delhi

Messy kitchen - 6 missionaries live here

Young friends from Delhi

Streets of Dehli

Meeting with Elder Daayam