Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 47: Saving money on food, fun with mosquitos, English class miracle


My area didn't grow a whole lot this month. If anything is decreased a little bit. We have a few investigators that we may have to consider dropping because they haven't been keeping their commitments and they haven't been giving us appointments, but we still had 5 investigators at church. There was about 79 people at church. The Talwars were able to be there fir the first two hours. Then we had Prianka and Megna at church as well. After church they invited us to come over for lunch. They are both close friends to the Singh family in the branch. We taught them The Plan of Salvation. They both were confused on why we would all be judged. Elder Mungamuri saved the day with pulling out the Gospel Principles book and turning to the Judgement section. Once we finished the lesson then all of their questions were answered.

This past week we've had to kill over 20 mosquitoes from our room alone. I have about 10 bites on each of my arms. Plus the weather is back in the 90's and my apartment sits on the 9th floor and we don't have AC units. But we did get rain on Saturday night and it felt amazing. All the members said it was heavy rain. I walked outside and it was a light rain from Seattle. Walking outside in the rain felt absolutely amazing! I also started making myself peanut butter and honey sandwiches this past week to save money on food.

Funny Story:
We took the couple missionaries (The Allens) to visit a few families. One of the families had two teenage daughters that didn't speak English. During the lesson they kept on talking to one another in Hindi and saying "Elder Dusara has such fair skin", "Elder Dusara is so handsome"," Elder Dusara looks so good". They were doing this during the entire visit. My companion could understand everything that they were saying and he was dying of laughter and I was just sitting there confused.

English Class started this past Saturday. I was worried that that we wouldn't have enough students in the class for the Allens to teach. I could only imagine there being a handful of students. But there turned out to be about 12 members and 9 non-members. Only one non-member left before the Gospel Message. There will be about half those students that wont make the cut. So this week we are planning on doing two more days of finding for the English class. Our goal is to be close to 20 students.

These past few weeks I feel that my attitude has been getting better towards being more focused and to working harder to talk with everyone. I think ac units in the Dwarka apartment might help with that too. Just kidding (not really). I'm going to start downloading mormon messages and give them to members to watch for FHE. There's no members that know that church videos exist. This banch needs a lot of help with strengthening the members to help grow their faith.

Did anyone do something nice for someone else this week?

Elder Dusara

Feeding street dogs one at a time