Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 48: Three accept the baptismal challenge, AC in the apt finally

My in my area we picked up three new investigators. One of them is named Moses and we taught him the first lesson last week. He speaks excellent English and he has already done his homework about our church. He told us that he's been struggling to find the right church for him. He said that when he lived in Kolkata that he tried to find our church but the person that he spoke with on the phone only spoke Hindi. We invited him to be baptized and he accepted for the date of March 29th.

We also invited Megna and Priyanka to be baptized and they both accepted for the date of the 29th as well. The one challenge that I foresee is us finding the time to teach them ALL the lessons necessary for them to have a more well-rounded understanding of our beliefs and standards. We will do everything we can to allow them to make those dates. We also had about 18 people at English class. Of those 18, seven of them were members. The non-members were almost a completely different group than last week.

This past week we FINALLY got brand new AC units installed into my apartment. It took about 8 hours to install three units. I'm sleeping so much better now. Also the mosquitoes that were in our room are now almost extinct. This past week we've gotten a few days of rain with a little bit of thunder and lightening. The work is progressing.

Elder Mungamuri is doing great. Out of all of my companions I think that I get along with Elder Mungamuri the best. We both are young and ready to go to work and baptize. None of us are showing any signs of slowing down.

These past few weeks I've been trying to do a better job of loving the Savior. I've been praying for those that I don't get along with. I have the hope that my love for them will grow little by little based upon my faith. I haven't seen miracle happen yet but I'm seeing changes in my attitude towards others around me. Baptisms will happen in Dwarka soon. We just need to be patient a little bit longer.

Funny story

While walking to an appointment I was taking a picture of a really nice apartment and from behind me some 10 year old kids thought I was taking a selfie. One of them had a big bag that was full of water balloons. My companion and I then took heavy fire of about 5 balloons and ran out of there. They were already celebrating Holi and few weeks early. I also found Domino's and they have corn as a topping...excuse me what?? hahahaha

Elder Dusara
Waiting for AC install, watching planes fly
Delhi walkways

Dominos Pizza with Corn topping?

Nice apt before being hit with water balloons