Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 41: Teaching the Talwars. a clean apartment

This week Elder Mungamuri and I went with the Allen's to a lesson with the Talwars. We taught them The Plan of Salvation. The Talwars read the booklet that we gave them. The both had lots of questions about the three kingdoms of glory. We gave them a booklet for The Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are going out of town for a few days so we will meet with them when they come back.

Yesterday we left our apartment extra early to pick of a less active sister and her disabled son to take them to church. They don't have very much money so they can't afford to come to church. Plus her son can't walk very well. She said it was her first time that she's been to church in 2 years. The Branch Presidency had no idea who she was. They thought she was an investigator. Also I'm hearing a lot in this Branch that a lot of members that struggle to find money to come to church. It's tough for us cause there isn't much that we can do. We had 53 people in attendance and 7 people in English class.

This week was great with the district. Elder Mutyum and Prabhudas had two baptisms yesterday. Everyone is getting along in the apartment. For our apartment check the apartment was looking great. We are getting a lot of our apartments needs crossed off of our list. All is well in Dwarka.

Elder Dusara out!

Before the haircut

Paying off the doughnut bet

After the haircut