Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 40: Talwar family experience

This past week we received a great referral from the branch. They are the Talwar couple. They are in their mid 50s. They have a son who's a return missionary. Plus he attended BYU and is married in the Salt Lake Temple. This is what initially sparked their interest. We taught them The Restoration and they said they would like to be taught as much as possible before they get baptized. They live pretty far away from us but we plan on teaching them twice a week.

Elder Mungamuri is doing well. He's still helping me with the area and the names of members. He has expressed to me that he wants to stay in this branch for one more transfer.

My testimony had grown this past week because I was a little bit nervous with trying to find only English speakers to teach. But the Talwar couple is great and I understand just about everything that they are saying. They also have had a lot of questions about the chronological order to the events of The Restoration. Which means that they are truly interested in what we are saying.

We had 82 people at church this past week. We also had 4 people attending English class.

"Faith can not exist when fear is present"

Elder Dusara

12th man in New Delhi

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