Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 42: Teaching the English class and KFC this week

There wasn't a whole lot of growth in my area this past week. We are continuing to teach the new members lessons to all of our recent converts. But I did receive word that one of my investigators in 4th Branch was baptized back on the 24th and confirmed yesterday.

I would like to speak about English really quickly. The "Ye Shall Have My Word" class went really well. It's a new class that missionaries teach during second hour. It is for members of the branch that speak little to no English to help them better understand gospel stories. There was 5 people that attended this class. I tried my best to use all those teaching tools that Sister Tamong was showing us. The WHOLE class was participating and they were all helping each other out whenever they had questions. I can defiantly see the potential that these students have. I also told them as motivation that I will try to bring them treats ever week (except for fast Sunday of course).

Elder Mungamuri is doing well. Yesterday him and I had a growing experience where I felt that our companionship grew drastically. Before that experience I didn't really feel that we meshed all too well. Now we are getting along and laughing constantly.

My district is doing well. Elder Muthyum and Prabhudas had two confirmations yesterday. But we all had a very good dinner appointment where we all shared stories and many laughs.

This past month I'm pretty sure that I was KFC's number 1 customer with a total of 11 visits. I plan on going back for lunch today too... I'm excited to hear back from everyone. I love you all!

Elder Dusara

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