Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 44 & 45: Working with others and the strength of visiting members weekly

Ajay mentioned that he is in Dwarka for the next little while.  We understand that he has been made a zone leader, which means that there are about 8-10 missionaries that he is responsible for to help succeed. Many of the members of the Dwarka branch live on less that $200USD per month.

My area stayed about the same as last week. We are continuing to teach lessons with Dileep, Talwars, and Anju. The past two appointments that we've had with Anju she's cancelled on us at the last minute. We are hoping that we don't have that same story this week. We have seen more effective lessons when we have a member present. These past two weeks we've found that our numbers are now becoming more well rounded.

I went on an exchange with Elder Mall a couple days ago. Elder Mall is from the Beaverton, Oregon area. I went into his area. One of the strengths that he has is that he's great at setting up appointments for the day as well as being punctual with those set times. We both had a good time talking sports and teaching powerful lessons together. We also had a great time eating at Chillis and McDonalds.

I would like to take a quick moment to talk about being a full purpose missionary in Dwarka. The Dwarka branch is like a big slab of clay. It has a lot of potential. The Branch relies heavenly on us missionaries to do our visits to members. I'm not exaggerating that either. Our branch still doesn't have have it's members doing there visiting or home teaching. If  missionaries let off at all from our visits then we will see the sacrament attendance drop. In each of our visits to members we do our best to train them on how to better fulfill their calling. I know that if we continue to do so then this branch's structure won't only be stronger but larger as well.

Elder Dusara
Sharing Five (5) gum with the kids

Workout with pollution mask at the gym

P-day in Delhi

Time for a massage

attending a house warming

Some of the other missionaries