Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 43: Success in Dwarka, other ways to help with service

In my area we picked up three new investigators.We had two investigators at church as well. We had about 89 people at church and 5 people in the "Ye Shall Have My Word" class. The students in the class are really enjoying the class. I can definitely see the potential with this class and its' students. This week we are also hoping to continue to teach the Talwar couple. They have been gone for business for the last 2 weeks. Our goal with them for this week is to set them with a baptismal date.

Elder Mungamuri is doing great. He's very much anxious to hear the transfer calls. He seems to be well adjusted to the missionary life. One of his major strengths is that he's very good with calling members and non-members to invite them to church or any other events. Elder Mungamuri during a lesson talked about how Abraham Lincoln went from being poor the President of the United States. When he said it I looked over at him and started laughing because I didn't expect him to talk about him during our lesson.

Being a full purpose missionary isn't just teaching people. It's going and finding those people who may be lost in the metro and helping them find where they need to go. To be a full purpose missionary we must ALWAYS be looking for ways to help others around us. We also must never ignore any promptings that we receive.

My district is solid. Things are always getting better. This morning we all traveled to Pitumpura to play sports with others in our zone. It was a lot of fun for everyone because there was so many games. I finally was able to slid on my Lebron James shooting sleeve with my Steph Curry t-shirt. I also brought my soccer cleats and went Messi on them.  All is well in the growing Dwarka Branch. We will be getting transfer calls tomorrow night and I imagine myself staying.

Elder Dusara

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