Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 29: Earthquake! Beast-mode out of the hospital...Bro Kohli's baptism

Well today was going pretty normal. I was sitting on the 6th floor of a hospital waiting for some elders to get some tests done. The I noticted that the sign above me was starting to shake. It was almost as if an earthquake was happening.About 10 seconds had past and it was still shaking and I was thinking in my head "Oh CRAP, this is an earthquake"'. I was the first person to stand an yell ''EARTHQUAKE''. It remined me of the episode of The Office where Dwight set fire to the office to see if everyone was going to follow the proper procedures. The old lady sitting accross from me was laughing and pointing at the shaking sign. I think she was ready to die. But I'm 20 years old so now was not my time. I channled my inner Marshawn Lynch and rushed down the stairs while weaving in and out of people. Ironically I was wearing my Seahawks shirt, socks, and shoes while doing so. No I was not injured.

Also Brother Kohli was baptized yesterday and Shreya was confirmed. Brother Kohli was introduced to missionaries 7 years ago and was baptized yesterday. It just goes to show that no effort is wasted. You never know when people are going to be fully ready to accept the gospel. His wife was estatic for him. She's been a member for about 20 years. I'll send pictures this week.

Russel M Nelson is coming this week. But in bigger news I found a place out here that makes really good Chocolate Chip Pancakes and Hashbrowns. I hope the US is treating everyone well. I know I miss it each and everyday.

Elder Dusara

Ajay and Kareena
6 month tie burn

Bro Kohli's baptism

P-day lunch, before the earthquake