Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 25: Performing a confirmation, food is tasting better too

This past week we spend most of our week in the hospital. One of the other elders was in our apartment had his appendix burst so we were there for him in shifts. The first night that I was there I had to sleep on some rock solid chairs in the waiting room. It was full of people and EVERYONE was snoring and I barely got any sleep. The elder that had surgery is recovering well. He will be staying in the mission home until he feels better.

Yesterday I confirmed the girl that I baptized last week. It was my first time doing it so I was kind of nervous. I've been amazed on my mission by the members that say that us elders "bring a good spirit" into their home. I guess it's a feeling that I've been so used to. The members in this branch are awesome. They all love joking around with the missionaries. Each week is better and better. We had 70 people at church yesterday as well.

I'm getting better and better each day with dealing with the food. I found that alternating Indian food and then to American food is a good combo. Speaking of food I ordered McDonalds 3 times this week and I went to Carls Jr. once.  There are 4 American missionaries that are leaving in a week and I'm going to miss all of them. They are all awesome individuals.

Peace Out 
Elder Dusara

Hanging out at hospital...waiting

Broken window from cricket