Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 22: Recap from New Delhi

We got his letter a day later than usual so here is his most recent letter from New Delhi.

It is starting to cool down this week which is great. If I can just make it one more month than I think I should be able to manage this climate. I still have no idea how to make my way around the town. The address system here is so confusing. I'm literally just a follower in my companionship. Wherever my companions go I follow.

People here still approach me and talk to me in Hindi. Just to mess with them my response is "No Hablo Espanol". Then they are the ones that are standing there confused. You won't be seeing any pictures from me this week because during emails yesterday about 400 pictures got deleted so I'm pretty salty right now.

Elder Jalagam is probably my favorite companion that I've ever had. He translates everything for me so the people here can understand me. In return I help him with any English. Then he also informs me of the names of all the big Bollywood stars so I can feel more a part of this country. 

This past week we've had some really great lessons where we've invited people to be baptized and they've accepted. Then just a couple days ago we taught a woman named Marry and she told us that she had been wanting to join a Christian church but she just didn't know which one to choose. She said that both of her parents went to two different churches growing up and it really confused her with the different things that the pastors were teaching. We taught her and her husband The Restoration and challenged her and her husband to read The Book of Mormon. They accepted and were very happy that we stopped buy unannounced.

We don't really do any service projects here so I'll just tell you what I ate. I had McDonalds delivery this past week along with Dominos and Krispy Kreme. Then I had Chillis yesterday.

Where does Elder Dusara live?
I live in an area called Shivalik. (very similar to my father's name and the company I work for today called Shavlik.) The airport is about a 30 minute drive away. The mission home is about 20 minutes away by driving. 

What does he live in?
My apartment is an apartment. It's pretty basic. There isn't any bugs so that's nice. We have hot water and AC.

Who is his companion?
I have two companions. Elder Jalagam who is from Hyderbad and Elder Roberts who is from Wisconsin. Elder Jalagam is honestly my favorite companion ever. 

What do you really want/need?
The American missionaries that I've talked too don't get packages. Yes I've found tooth paste and toothbrushes. But I can't find any roll on deodorant. I NEED my old spice. I'm on my last stick.  

Do you see any Bollywood actors?
Yes,  I'm trying to get all the famous Bollywood actors and actresses down. Elder Jalagam is helping me out with that. Elder Jalagam goes home in 5 months and plans on going to BYU Idaho. 

Go GP. I'm a 10-15 walk away from our chapel

Dusara out

New friend

Nike fan-boy

Hard Rock New Delhi

What a surprise

McDs delivery boy