Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 24: Playing Cricket, breaking a window

So I tried playing Cricket the other day at an investigators home and on my first hit I hit the ball over the fence into the neighbors yard. No big deal right? WRONG! The ball had a ton of air beneath it so I hit the house. But I didn't just hit a house I shattered their bathroom window. I had never heard glass shatter like that in my entire life. I went over to apologize and the owner was very kind. He said it was okay and that he wanted it fixed. So I'll be getting a bill in the near future to repair the damages.

But on the bright side of this week I was asked to baptize someone. The baptism took place yesterday and it went well. There was 4 baptisms in my branch yesterday. This ward is continuing to grow and flourish. Also the youth in this was is awesome too. They are all a ton of fun and love the missionaries. There was 80 people at church as well. 

I hear that member referrals from members are basically guaranteed baptisms. That's how 4 baptisms happened yesterday. I was able to baptize one of them yesterday. We are supposed to do 2 hours of finding everyday. But,  we only do like 1 or 2 days a week. 

Elder Jalagam is great and he and I are having a blast this transfer. I get along really well with almost all of the Americans in the mission. Today there was 10 of us Americans that went out to eat at Johnny Rockets. It was so refreshing to be around people that speak my language.

Camel ride

Eating with his hands