Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 8: NBA Finals are tonight

My district is planning to have a pretty intense game of basketball this afternoon. I found out that I'm staying in this area. I'm happy to hear that. The members in this ward are amazing. Volleyball on Wednesday was a blast. It's honestly one of the top highlights of my week. We got a flat tire the other day and we have to go in this morning to repair it.

My companion sang a solo at Stake Conference and he killed it. I think the song was called "my brightly beams" or something like that. He's being transferred to Thousand Oaks which I hear is a very wealthy area.

For service, we continued helping Bishop fill in his pool with Elder Dort and Elder Tufts. These Elders are honestly so awesome. We all laugh and have a good time. Elder Dort is being transferred so I'm giving him a LeBron shirt as a going away gift. We also helped an investigator mount his new flat screen to the wall. 

This past week I've been sick and we've had some cancellations, much like last week. But we are continuing to build better relationships with the members and we found out that some of the youth have been talking to their friends about the church.  It was great to hear that the youth were talking to their friends about their beliefs. Little steps into being a full-time missionary. 

It was 85 degrees plus this past week. I'm getting pretty tan and I'm starting to have a really insane watch tan. But I really like it out hear. I hope everyone has a good last week of school. Also happy late birthday to Grandma Nana!