Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 10: Go LeBron - More Service

Elder Dusara is loving his mission. Reading his short letters it appears that he is doing lots of service and plays sports with the other elders and ward members.

This was another great week of playing sports on Monday. As well as volleyball on Wednesday. We as a district have way too much fun while playing sports.

My new companion is still adjusting to the area. I'm his navigation system everywhere we go. But he's a really hard worker and he enjoys talking to EVERYONE!

Service this past week we laid down some sod for the Budrows. We basically do it all when it comes to service. 

We had 1 investigator at church this week as well as two less actives. It's great that they are all making it a priority to attend church. The work here is growing more and more every week.

The weather is beautiful out here and I'm loving every single minute of it.

He recently received a package from home and below are some of his comments:
Thank you so much. My flash drive won't work on my DVD player cause that thing is like from when Jesus roamed the earth. We had a bonfire on Saturday with a couple other elders and we stayed up till late having smores and sharing laughs. We probably aren't supposed to do it but oh well. I'm loving my mission.

Overview of some of the ward members he really likes:
There's 4 dentists in my ward and 6 State troopers. I had dinner at the Moore's last night and they have a 4k sq ft house with a pool that looks like its from high school musical 2. They live in a gated community and have 5 kids. the oldest is 14 and the youngest is 4. they live on an acre and a half. they are starting an extension to their house this week to add 400 sq ft. He's like 42 years old and makes really good money working only 4 days a week with having his own practice. He's awesome! He's a killer chef. We had some bomb tacos too. I love this ward!