Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Week 94: Meeting with Chhaya, mingling with members

Some notes from questions answered:
My branch has about 400 members in the directory and about 60 people come to church.  There are 6 people in one apartment. The new area is about 6 miles away from the one I just left, but by auto it will take me 35 minutes to get there.

My mission has been a roller coaster. I have learned so many things that will help me be active when I go home.


This past week was good. We received a great referral from Elder Basil and Elder Drummond. Her name is Chhaya and she came to church yesterday. During 2nd hour she even bore her testimony and said that she wanted to be a member in our church. We have an appointment to teach her tomorrow at 4PM. The Ray family was unable to make it to church. That was a bit of a downer.

Last Saturday the Tamongs took us out to eat and we discussed how we can bridge the gap between missionaries and members. It was a really good discussion. Something that they brought up is that we as missionaries can do a better job with mingling with members. That's something that I will try to do a better job of.

Tomorrow is our missionary broadcast and the entire mission will be gathering for that. I hear that there are some changes that will happen.

I'm healthy and I'm doing well. I miss you ALL!

Elder Dusara

Elder Challa is the new companion

McD's with elder Basil