Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Week 66: Bhavana accepts baptism, more rain

The reason why the missionaries need help to find where people live is because there has not been missionaries in this part of New Delhi in over 6 months.  Great to see him making progress each week as they become more familiar with the members in their new area.

Dear friends and Fam,

This past week Elder Mani and I had a mini Miracle happen to us. Our investigator Bhavana has been taught all of the lessons. She is just waiting on receiving an answer that the Book Of Mormon is true. She received her answer at church on Sunday. We had her interview done after church and Elder Kollopu will be baptizing her. This is exactly what we wanted. We wanted her to come to us and say that she wanted to be baptized because I feel that she would be more converted that way.

This week I'm for sure buying an umbrella to help deal with this rain. The zone activity was great today. If was awesome to shake off the rust in basketball and soccer. I got worked by the Aussi in the mission in basketball. I miss playing those sports!

Last Tuesday after Zone meeting the Americans and I went to Johnny Rockets for appetizers and Shakes. But the trip over there was nuts. There was a mini monsoon and all the streets were flooded. But that wasn't going to stop us determined Americans. In some areas the water was a mix between rain water and sewage water. It smelled terrible. At the end of the day we got our shakes and we received a coupon for a free shake on our next visit.

Elder Dusara Out

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