Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 64: Happy Independence Day

Hey Everyone,

I wont be able to send very many pictures home through email because all of the computers in the cyber cafe that I go to are infected with so many viruses. If you want to see pictures just find my parents on Facebook or look at my blog.

We met Bahavana yesterday in church. She accepted to be baptized but didn't want to choose a specific date. She said she would like some time to think it over. We shared with her a Mormon message of some children describing who Jesus is and what he looks like. Bahvana's sister sat in at our member present. They both really enjoyed the video. We are going to continue to meet with them every Sunday after church. We also taught Gaurev the Restoration and he loved it. We also taught him how to pray. After English class on Friday we shared with him a short scripture on prayer and he gave his first verbal closing prayer. I really love the branch that I'm serving in and i just want to find more members in our area so we can help uplift them and also find new investigators.

Yesterday about seven of us Americans (And One Australian) went to Chili's for lunch. I had a country fried chicken. Then for desert we all went to good ol Johnny Rockets for milkshakes. While travelling home I discovered the one and only Nike Factory store in all of Delhi. It is located under a random junky Metro station. I was overfilled with joy. This month I'm planning to go back to get some new basketball shoes.

I know in the US that there's a lot of political issue right now. But I promise you that even with our country's 99 problems I'd still much rather live in America than India. Sometimes it feels like there's honestly no rules here. I love that I'm an American citizen by birth and I love beef and bacon and anything with protein.

Eagle Scout Elder Dusara Out

Lunch with American and Australian elder (Johnny Rockets)