Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Week 16: No more being a teenager...Elder Dusara's birthday

Elder Dusara' s birthday was this past week and he doing a wonderful job in Camarillo as he awaits his visa to New Delhi India.

Camarillo continues to bless me with sunny skies and 85 degrees.  This town is still confusing to me but I'm slowly getting it down. We are blessed to have a 2014 Toyota Corolla to drive around in with AC.  There's a nice outlet mall close by an ill be visiting there today. This Wednesday I'll be going to the LA Temple for my birthday.

My companion and I are learning more and more from each other each and every day. We are starting to see us teach in unity better and better. He has been in this area for 3 months so he knows the streets very well.

We had a lesson over the phone with Joe and it went really well. He understood everything that we had to say. We were able to teach him about temples, baptism, and the second coming. He's off smoking so he's on pace to make his date of August 15th for his baptism. We already started planning out his program.

For service this week we trimmed some bushes and pulled some weeds. Then on Thursday we helped out at the Pioneer party at the stake center by running the concession stand. There was free popcorn, soda, and candy. I was in charge with pouring soda. It was a lot of fun. SERVICE IS FUN!

No pictures to show this week...sorry