Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 4: Catching a cowboy's underwear

So my first P-Day I showed everyone that Indians aren't only good at Cricket. I showed up to the Stake Center all decked up in my LeBron gear. I played some of my best basketball just to impress everyone.

My companion kinda scares me when we drive. I hate so much that the junior companion has to get out of the car to help "back up" the senior companion. I hate it so much. Also I've become slightly addicted to sunflower seeds and carry a big spit bottle in the car.

For service this past week we helped an old guy named "Cowboy" hang his laundry. He tossed his dirty underwear at me and by my natural reaction I caught his dirty underwear. Ewww I almost puked.

After getting done tracting with my companion and I noticed an old Buick turn around and follow us. I honestly thought that I was going to get shot. In my mind I was thinking that I'm not even a month out yet and I'm already going to get shot. It turns out the guy just wanted to talk to us about when we thought the second coming was going to happen. I let out a huge sigh of relief. We got his address and sent missionaries to his house the following day. 

Family and Friends you are all in my prayers. I hope everyone is doing Gucci. I'll see y'all soon enough. Don't go chasing waterfalls.... No that's not a TLC reference.