Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Week 83: Finding more new families, meeting with Elder Evans


We found four new homes in our branch directory. Three of those families haven't been visited in a long time. They asked us if we knew an Elder Green and I'm pretty sure that he finished his mission about 3 years ago. We also started re-teaching someone from our English Class named Raja. He's 20 and he needs guidance and motivation in his life. We are continuing to teach Brother Peter and his wife. They still haven't made the full commitment to come to church. But we are praying that their faith will increase so that they may do so. We even had Sister Nisha at our last lesson to bare her testimony.

The visit with Elder Evans was awesome. I received some new insights on how I can be a better missionary and individual. He explained to us that there is a difference between being obedient and being faithful. We are obedient when we are asked to do something and we do it. We are faithful when we do things without being asked. He also talked about being "rich" in scripture terms compared to worldly term. We are "rich" by scripture terms when we can provide the basic needs for ourselves and our families., with having a little bit extra to give to those in need. Then "rich" in worldly terms is owing whatever the newest fashions and materialistic things are.

Also to get rid of fake and black money in this country. Everyone was instructed to exchange any 500 and 1000 rupee note bills to the banks to get the new 2000 rupee note. That's like if in the US if we were told to exchange all 10,20,and 100 notes to the bank. All the lines at the banks have literally been worse than the lines at Disney Land. I waited about 45 minutes just to exchange about 2500 rupee ($40USD).

I'm healthy and I'm happy. I'm just trying to get through this month with this whole money exchange thing.

Elder Dusara