Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week 81: New area Munirka branch, Diwali in Delhi

Hello all,

I'm a little bit sad that my time in Pitampura is over. I was hoping to stat for one more transfer. But I'm very excited to be a part of the Munirka branch. I'm very excited to get out and work to find new people everyday. I've honestly been in the best mood since i got here.

I'm already loving my apartment mates. Elder Parthiban does a a great job of making sure everyone goes to bed with food in their belly. Last week we were able to meet two old investigators. I remembered coming to their home about 7 months ago when I was on an exchange with Elder Mall. We have a return appointment set up for next Friday. She also said that she wanted to attend English Class this week as well. I'm just way stoked to be in the area that I'm in! Also I'm still a district leader but in a new area.I live 3 minutes walking from the mission home.

My new companion is Elder Lakshmanan and he is from Bagalore, India. We are both opening up a new area. He's a hardworking missionary and I'm excited to see what this transfer holds.

Last night was Diwali and there was a ton of fireworks going all night long. The pollution level this morning was 1578. Back at home it won't go any higher than 50. I'm wearing a mask to help keep my lungs safe.

Today we went to a huge Muslim Mosque called Jama Musjid. It was massive and there was tons of foreigners there. We actually ran into an old church member from Switzerland. I also ran into a he/she while walking up a narrow spiral stair case.

This week we have a lot of finding set up and I feel that my companion and I will have a lot of success.

Elder Dusara