Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Monday, April 11, 2016

Weel 52: One year mark, more investigators found

This past week was awesome for Elder Chand and I. We picked up 4 new investigators and set them all on date for baptism. This morning we had a Brother Moses pass his baptismal interview. He will be getting baptized this Sunday. Conference was great too. It was great to hear from Garrit Gong. It's cool to think that I met him back in December and now we get to hear and see him on the big screen. I think I understood his talk the most out of all the speakers. We had a decent turnout of about 60 members.

Elder Chand is doing awesome. I can feel his sense of urgency in getting work done. Then after our work is done he's a totally awesome Elder. Him and I have a ton in common with having our roots from India as well as Fiji. Elder Chand has expressed to me that he's very excited to meet my family over skype this Mothers Day.

My testimony has grown this past week because I constantly find myself struggling with always doing the right thing. Listening to conference is a constant reminder that we all sometimes fall away from our good habits. But we all have chances to return back on the straight and narrow path if we are willing to submit ourselves to our Heavenly Father and are ready to sincerely change.

My zone is doing great. These daily call-ins are an awesome way to keep in touch with our district leaders and too keep us and them accountable for our work. I'm excited to see our entire zone this Tuesday at Zone Meeting. Elder Chand and I have a couple sweet surprises up our sleeves.

Elder Dusara

Biriyani for lunch
Elder Chand with our family photo 

Potluck at the chapel