Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week 36: Notes from Skype call with Elder Dusara

We had the opportunity to Skype with Elder Dusara. It was great to get answers to many of the questions we have been asking the past few months which always seem to go unanswered.  Here are some notes that we thought might be good to pass along.  He is currently serving as a district leader.

Who is your companion? Elder Braganza from Hyderabad is his companion today

Which area is he serving in today? Malvia Nagar, New Delhi  He is serving in a small branch there. The mission has branches in Islamabad, Katmandu, Mumbai and New Delhi. As for american missionaries, they will spend their two years in New Delhi for safety purposes.

How many missionaries are in the New Delhi mission?  Today there are 40 missionaries, however, between now and March 2016, 13 missionaries will be going home which will leave only 26 missionaries in New Delhi by March.

What do you eat? Elder Dusara loves butter chicken, and other types of chicken dishes, however, because a street vendor near his apartment serves Chinese Stir Fry, he pretty much eats that every day for lunch.  Also, he loves going to Johnny Rockets for shakes.  Also, he hasn't eaten chicken strips (his favorite) since going to India. They don't have them.  Also, he gets fed by the local members about 2-3 times a week.

What's the weather like? Temps in New Delhi range from between 60 degrees down to the high 30's for low temps.  It can get a little chilly for a few months. It should really begin to warm up by March.

What about the Taj Mahal? It's a 3-4 hour drive to the Taj Mahal and after missionaries have been in the mission for over a year, they have the opportunity to go down there and take some photos.

What are the churches like? The church buildings are like converted office buildings and for an activity room, they include ping pong tables.

How do you get around? Depending on where their meetings are, they are in public transport buses or they take "autos"...three wheeled taxis.

We spent most of the time remembering times with his friends that were with us and he is very mindful of the value of good friendship.  He loves his friends and really misses them.

Skype with Elder Dusara

At the mall with Braganza