Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 31: Diwali in India, no letter this week (Photos instead)

We didn't get a letter from Ajay this week, but we did see plenty of pictures. He loves to blow things up on the 4th of July at home and I am sure he was more than in his element during Diwali.  From what we understand, he is doing well and continues to help the missionary work progress in New Delhi.  Below are some pictures we received this past week.

He did tell us of an event he happened to be at where he won 5 designer shirts. He gave 4 of them away to another missionary and some members in the area. Here is some background on the areas in which the church has in New Delhi.

Transfers are next week. I could be sent no further than an hour metro ride away. We have missionaries in Mumbai as well. But our mission president doesn't sent American missionaries there because he thinks it's too dangerous. But from what I've heard from missionaries that have served their they say its not that bad. Plus I hear there is a couple of American families in that branch that spoil the missionaries.

There are 7 Branches in Delhi:

Delhi 1st Branch  Lajpat
Delhi 2nd Branch Vasant Vihar
Delhi 3rd Branch Munirka
Delhi 4th Branch Malviya Nagar (Where I Am Now)

Forgot the last one

Go Hawks