Questions for Parents?

Questions for Parents?


Friday, April 14, 2017

Week 104: His final he's HOME

Dear Family & Friends,

Well this is the last email that you will get from me as a missionary. This past week was awesome! Conference was defiantly the highlight. The talk that I think I will try to apply is the talk given by Elder Rasband. He talked about how important it is to act on a prompting that we feel from the Holy Ghost. I know when I go home that I will try not to get lost in all the noise, but try to listen to the still small voice.

I've enjoyed these past 6 weeks with Elder Chidithoti. We've shared lots of laughs and memories together.

I had 3 "farewell" dinners with members this last week. Even after the Sunday afternoon session the Branch President gave me a farewell cake. It came as a total surprise. We also had two dinner appointments last night. I was defiantly feeling the love from the Branch Members. I think there are a couple other members that are treating me one last time before I'm off.

Oh and packing my luggage is going to be a pain in the butt!

This has been a great experience. I've had my fair share of struggles. But I know that my experience through those struggles will build me that much stronger at home. I love this church and all the imperfectly perfect members. I'm going to miss this crazy city. I don't know when I'll be back but I know I will have to return soon.

Elder Dusara

Thank you to all those that supported Elder Dusara during the past couple years. He had an incredible time in Ventura CA and New Delhi. For those who have Facebook, i was able to hide and follow him as he came out of the train up to baggage claim in Seattle yesterday. Worked perfectly...enjoy